Hackett, Callum. In progress. Chomskenstein: How to do without private languages without sacrificing nativist psychology.

Hackett, Callum. In progress. The real logical problem of language acquisition: The impossibility of symbol grounding in current syntactic theory.

Hackett, Callum. 2017. Justifications for a discontinuity theory of language evolution. Biolinguistics 11. 171-220.

Talks 2018

Syntax: One interface or two?
Annual Meeting of the Linguistics Association of Great Britain.

On the insufficiency of form to determine meaning.
Workshop on Form-Meaning Mismatches in Natural Language, Göttingen.

Syntax without words.
North East Language & Linguistics Research Away Day.

A taxonomy of ambiguity in competence and performance.
University of Tübingen RTG 1808 Colloquium.

Talks 2017

Universals of INFL: Challenges from Maybrat.
Greenwich Tenselessness Workshop.

The evolution of linguistics and the evolution of language.
Durham Castle Conference.

Principles and parameters in the 21st century.
Edinburgh LEL Postgraduate Conference.

A variational model of root infinitives during language acquisition.
12th Newcastle upon Tyne Postgraduate Conference in Linguistics.